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Keiichi's Tickle Punishment


A sixteen year-old boy sat at a table, his mouth agape in shock. He wore a white short-sleeved button-up shirt over a red t-shirt, and black slacks. Maebara Keiichi was participating in his after school activities with his five close friends, hoping to beat them in a game for once. In aggravation, Keiichi's eye twitched violently as he gazed at his cards.

"This can't be right!" He angrily muttered. "This can't be!"

One of his friends, Sonozaki Mion, let out a low chuckle. "No need to be a sore loser, Kei-chan. We all beat you fair and square."

Mion was in the grade above Keiichi, and the president of the class and after school activities. She wore a long pink skirt, a short-sleeved white shirt, a yellow vest, a green tie, and brown shoes. Her long, seagreen hair was kept in a ponytail.

"That's right," Shion, Mion's twin sister, agreed. "I may have only been here for a short time, but it seems that you just don't do as well in the games..."

Shion was identical to her sister, differing only in hairstyle and attire. Instead of mimicking Mion's ponytail, Shion's long hair flowed freely down her back, the sides pulled back with a yellow ribbon. She was wearing a short blue skirt, a short-sleeved white top with a blue tie, black knee socks, and black flats.

"That's not true!" Keiichi growled, his eyes comically turning white and demonic-like. "I do just as well as everybody else! I was just unlucky this time around!"

One of the younger girls at the table, Houjou Satoko, laughed boastfully. "Just like Keiichi-kun to make up an excuse. How pathetic..."

Satoko was a few years below Keiichi, along with one of the other girls, Furude Rika. Satoko kept her blond hair rather short and accessorized with a black headband. She wore a green dress that came down to her knees, a yellow tie, black tights, and black buckled shoes.

"I am not pathetic!" Keiichi exclaimed, steam coming out of his ears.

Rika, the girl who was the same age as Satoko, smiled at Keiichi and tilted her head. "It's okay, Keiichi-kun. I think you did well. Maybe you'll have better luck next time. Niipah."

Rika was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt with a pink bow on it, a short black skirt, white knee-socks, and black Mary-Janes. Her long, purplish-black hair hung freely down her back, and her bangs fell softly over her forehead.

"Oh, Rika-chan is sooo cuuuuteee! I wanna take her home with me!" Ryuugu Rena grabbed Rika around the waist and began to swing her around, gushing about how cute she was.

Rena was the fifth and final girl at the table. She was the same age as Keiichi and usually walked with him to and from school. She had red hair and a penchant for 'cute things'. Her outfit consisted of a white short-sleeved shirt with a blue collar, a yellow tie, a short blue shirt, white knee socks, and brown shoes.

While Satoko and Shion tried to gently pry poor Rika out of Rena's grasp, Mion smirked at Keiichi. Keiichi froze, immediately recognizing the little glint in her green eyes.

"As you know," Mion began, rising from her seat. "Since you have lost the game, you will have to be punished. Those are the rules."

"Dammit," Keiichi muttered, not looking forward to what she had up her sleeve.

It was customary for the losers to do what the winners of the game wanted. In this particular game, he was the only one to come in last place, while the five girls had all tied, thus making all of them winners.

Rika had finally been freed from Rena's grasp, while Rena ranted that she would take Rika home later. Seconds later, Mion huddled with the girls and began to whisper to them, making Keiichi the only one not within ear-shot.

"Hey! What are you guys conspiring?" He demanded, little irritation marks twitching on his left temple.

The girls ignored him, listening to Mion's orders, before nodding in agreement.

"Okay, does everyone know what to do?" Mion asked, double checking.

"Yup!" Her four partners-in-crime nodded happily.

Keiichi blanched, one of his brown eyes twitching. He had a bad feeling about his upcoming punishment.

"Eh, shouldn't you be getting home, Mion?" He asked, hoping to discourage her plans.

"Nope, I don't have to be home for quite awhile," Mion replied with a smirk. "Oni-baba went to a meeting and won't be back until tonight."

"You call your grandmother 'demon granny'? You're a horrible person!" Keiichi told her, trying any tactic to deter her from what she had in store for him. "You should go home and make ammends with her!"

Mion raised an eyebrow. "Right......"

Shion chuckled. "If you knew her, Kei-chan, you'd agree with us. Now let's get this started, shall we?"

The teenage boy finally gave him, though threw them an arrogant half-smile. "Fine, whatever you make me do, I'll do it! You can't scare me!"

"Okay, then." Mion nodded to the other girls, who began to get to work.

Rena took one of the chairs and put it in the middle of the room, out of the way of any of the tables. Keiichi watched nervously as Rika walked over with a blindfold and Satoko carried over a bag. Shion nodded her head towards the chair Rena had put out.

"Into the chair, Kei-chan, if you don't mind," she told him.

"He'll probably get into a panic and run away," Mion said in a teasing manner.

Keiichi huffed and rolled his brown eyes. "Oh, yeah... A chair is REALLY scary...."

He got up from his seat and walked over to the chair, sitting down on his with a raised eyebrow. A moment later, Rika gently put the blindfold on, blocking his vision completely.

"So what are you guys going to do?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

"You're about to find out," Mion told him, getting something out of her locker.

Keiichi fidgeted slightly. "You better not pour anything on my head...."

"Oh, don't worry, Keiichi-kun," Rena replied. "We aren't doing anything like that...."

The brunette suddenly felt his arms being grabbed and restrained behind the chair with a pair of handcuffs. "Hey, what the hell?"

Rika and Satoko had been the ones who grabbed and cuffed him, rendering his arms useless. Rena quickly sat down on Keiichi's lap to keep him from trying to get up, while Shion lifted his legs and placed his feet on a second chair. Mion then placed his ankles in stocks, completely restraining him. Once the stocks were locked on the writhing boy, Rena got off his lap.

"Okay, you can look now. Mii." Rika pulled the blindfold off his face.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" Keiichi demanded. "Why am I cuffed to a chair? And where did these stocks come from?"

Mion smiled. "My locker."

"WHO THE HELL KEEPS STOCKS IN THEIR LOCKER?" He yanked at his restraints and tried to kick his legs. "DAMMIT!"

"I brought them just for you," the ponytailed girl remarked coyly.

"Mion, you brat! Get this thing off me!" Keiichi growled.

Rena laughed softly. "But we haven't even started yet."

Keiichi swallowed nervously. "Well....what are you going to do?"

To his horror, Rena and Mion each pulled off one of his shoes, followed by his socks. He tried to kick at them, his efforts clearly useless.

"You're not gonna paint my toenails are you?" He cried out in frustration. "This is what I get for being friends with a bunch of girls!"

Satoko laughed at him. "Without us, you'd be completely bored out of your mind. You know that you just love being friends with us."

"And besides, we don't plan on painting your nails," Rika pointed out. "We're doing something else that you might even enjoy. Mii."

Keiichi sighed. "Well, whatever you're gonna do, just hurry up and get it over with."

Mion looked at the other girls with a sadistic smirk. "You heard him. Begin the punishment!"

The restrained boy's eyes widened as Shion tugged his shirt up to expose his stomach, while Rena and Mion crouched down in front of his feet. He began to feel an array of fingers scribbling all over him, causing him to gasp and writhe. Rika and Satoko were tickling his sides, Shion was working on his exposed naval, and Rena and Mion were tickling his feet vigorously.

"Is Keiichi-kun ticklish?" Rena asked teasingly. "I wonder....I wonder...."

"HeheHEHEHEY!" Keiichi bucked and squirmed under the wiggling fingers. "Stahahahahap!"

"It's all part of the punishment, Keiichi-kun." Rena happily tickled his right foot up and down, enjoying as it twitched from her teasing. "And I'm sure you're enjoying it."

"Hahahahahahah! Ahahaham nohoHOHOT!" He replied, in hysterics.

Shion laughed softly, letting her fingers dance around his bellybutton. "Come on. Take it like a man."

"But guys are ticklish too, aren't they?" Satoko questioned, digging into his sensative sides.

"It's a figure of speech, Satoko," Mion told the younger girl, tickling Keiichi's left foot as hard as she could. "She means that he should just grin and bear it."

Rika smiled, her feather-like touches making Keiichi want to jump out of his skin. "By the looks of it, he's doing just more than grinning. Niipah!"

Hahahahahahah! Knohahahahahock ihihihiHIHIHIT OFFHAHAHAHAHA!" Keiichi's laughs grew louder as they continued to tickle him mercilessly.

"Oh, Keiichi-kun is soooo cute when he laughs," Rena gushed, tickling each of his toes one at a time. "I wanna take him home with me!"

"You can take him home when we're done," Shion said with a laugh. "By then, he might even be passed out, so right there you won't have to deal with the struggle."

"Nohohoho! Let meheheHEHEHEHE GOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!" Keiichi yelled out, the fingers driving him over the edge.

Rika's tickling fingers were going up and down his entire left side. "I don't know. When Rena-chan sees something cute, it's very difficult to stop her."

"COHAHAHAHOME OHAHAHAHOHOHON!" Keiichi cried out, tears running down his face. "PleheHEHEHEHEEEASE! HAHAHAHahahahAAHAHAHAH!"

The girls did not let up on his punishment, watching as his body bucked and twitched. His toes wiggled vigorously as Mion and Rena assaulted his bare feet, trying anything to escape their fingers. Nothing seemed to work and he was forced to sit there helplessly at the mercy of his tormentors.

"Okay, give him a break," Mion announced after a few minutes. "We'll let him breathe for a minute."

The girls ceased his torture, letting the brunette catch his breath. However, they began to rummage through the bag that Satoko had brought over, whispering amongst themselves.

" guys had your fun," Keiichi said as he panted. "Now let me go."

"But we're not done yet, Keiichi-kun." Satoko flashed him a conniving smirk.

"Not even close," Rika added with a tilt of the head. "Niipah."

Keiichi flinched, his eyes growing wide with anxiety. "Y-you're not? Come on! This isn't funny!"

"Not yet," Mion said firmly, extracting a few things from the bag.

"You'll like this, Kei-chan. I know you will," Shion told him as Mion held up the items.

The boy's eyes almost bulged right out of his head. "Nooo! Don't use those! Please!"

The ponytailed twin was holding up 3 feathers, an electric toothbrush, and a hairbrush. Rena took the toothbrush, Mion held onto the hairbrush, and the other three girls took the feathers. Keiichi's white shirt was then unbuttoned, much to his displeasure. His red t-shirt underneath was yanked upward, exposing his sides. Shion unbuckled his belt to help lower his pants, letting his hipbones be out in the open.

"Come on, guys! I don't want to do this!" Keiichi said frantically.

"Sorry, club rules," Mion said curtly, before kneeling down in front of his bare foot.

The girls began to work on their previous targets, running their torture devices over the flailing teenager. Shion was running the feather over his naval and hipbones, causing him to buck. Rena started the toothbrush and immediately assaulted the spaces between his toes, while Rika and Satoko tickled his sides, letting their feathers dip at his mostly covered armpits. Mion was running the hairbrush up and down his other foot, making sure to add circular motions.


The feathers swirled over his sensative skin, making him buck like crazy. The hairbrush and toothbrush were the worst, attacking and getting in at every little crevis between his toes. His laughs became louder as Rena let the toothbrush sit right on his toes, the bristles occassionally brushing up against the edges of his toenails. Keiichi tried to curl his toes in defense, but it was hard to concentrate as the feathers tickled his bare torso.

"Coochy coochy coo," Rena said cutely, glancing up at him. "This seems to bother you a bit...but what about this, Keiichi-kun?"

With that, her tongue began to lap at his feet and toes, all the while the toothbrush continued to torture him as well. Keiichi's teeth clenched as he tried to block out the feeling of Rena's tongue against his sensative soles. However, the slow licking motions made him giggle, despite his efforts to keep quiet.

"Keep it up, Rena," Mion told her friend. "This really seems to be getting to him."

The red-haired girl licked Keiichi's foot faster, making sure to attack his arch. Finally, the boy could hold it in no longer.


Mion began to lick at Keiichi's other foot, using the brush to tickle his arch. Her tongue slid in between his toes, driving him to hysterics.


He jumped as Shion's feather dipped into his hips again, and was fully aware of the other feathers against his sides. That particular portion of the torture lasted for almost another ten minutes.


Mion nodded her head to the other girls, thus ceasing his torment. Keiichi immediately began to pant, soft laughs mixed in as he tried to shake of the feelings of feathers, tongues, and brushes.

"" He huffed, his face now dripping with sweat. "I can't.....take it anymore....."

"Don't worry, we're almost done," Satoko told him. "Rika, Shion, and I all need a chance with your feet as well."

Keiichi immediately stiffed. "Wh-what? NO! No more! Just untie me!"

"Sorry, Keiichi-kun," Rika said softly. "But those are the rules. Mii."

Rena and Mion both stood up, setting their torture devices down. Before Keiichi knew it, the girls had traded places. Rena was next to his naval, Mion and Shion were at his sides, and Rika and Satoko were now kneeling down by his feet.

"No, please don't do it!" Keiichi exclaimed. "I'll do anything else you want! I'll even go make a fool of myself and put on a girly maid's costume! Just let me go!"

"But this is what we want to do," Shion told him. "But it won't be for too much longer....maybe...."

Once again, she and the others began to tickle the restrained boy mercilessly. Rika and Satoko's fingers were scribbling wildly against his soles, while the twins tickled his sides with their smooth fingers. He was surprised that Rena had chosen not to attack his naval. Instead, her fingers were tickling his thighs as hard as she could. Despite the fact that he was wearing pants, the sensation was extremely ticklish nonetheless.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHAHAHAAAAA! NOHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! PLEEHEHEHEHEHEASE!" Keiichi thrashed, glancing down as Rika's small fingers danced over his poor sole. "RIKAHAHAHAHAHAA! STAHAHAHAHAP IT!"

Satoko, who had been working on the other one, took a few pipecleaners out of the bag. She handed a few over to Rika, then began to drag the soft cleaners in between Keiichi's toes.

"Hey, good idea," Mion commented, her fingers making Keiichi twitch.

Rika smiled happily, glancing over at Satoko. "That's Satoko for you, Mi-chan. Always thinks of good ideas. Niipah."

"SAHAHAHAHAHAhahahATOHOHOKOHOHO! QUIHIHIHIHAHAHAHIHIT IHIHIT!" Keiichi's toes wiggled furiously to escape the intruding pipecleaners, crying out in hysterics as Rika did the same. "NoHOHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHAH!"

He suddenly felt two tongues going up and down his sides, sending jolts up his spine. Mion and Shion were licking his sides, the sensation both pleasuring and ticklish.

"MihihiHIHION! SHIHIHihiHION! STAHAHAP!" He squirmed to escape their wet tongues, which were teasing him ever-so-slowly. "AAHAHAHAHAHA! KNOHAHAHAHOCK IT OFFAHAHAHAHAHA! REhehehEHEHEHEHEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHENA!"

Rena was still assaulting his thighs, letting her fingers dig into his inner parts. Keiichi writhed and laughed from the relentless touch, hysterical as she bent to blow a raspberry onto his stomach. He tried to kick as he felt two more tongues suddenly slide over his bare skin. Combined with the pipecleaners, Rika and Satoko were tickling his feet with their tongues, making sure to get under them as well.


After a few minutes, the girls paused again, watching as the hysterical brunette caught his breath. Keiichi's torso was now wet with sweat too, making his clothes stick to his skin.

"'re done now, right....." He continued to pant, his heart pounding in his chest. "Right.....?"

"Not quite," Shion spoke up. "I still haven't had a chance with your feet."

Keiichi's brown eyes widened. "N-no! No more! I can't take it!"

"Eh, stop being such a baby," Mion said dryly. "This is the last of it, so quit whining."

"I am not whining!" He shot back, yanking at his restraints. "Let me go!"

Mion smirked at her twin. "His feet are all yours."

"Thank you," Shion said happily.

Rika and Satoko got up to let her get to Keiichi's twitching feet. While Shion immediately began to tickle both of his feet relentlessly, Rena moved away from his hips. She moved up to where his left side was, allowing Satoko and Rika to each sit by one of his hips. While Rena tickled his side, the younger girls began to attack both his naval and thighs. Mion was now behind the boy, yanking the back of his shirt up as best she could. She picked up a feather and let it tease his lower back, stopping just where his boxers came up.

"AHAHAHAHAHAEHEHEHAHAHAHA! STAHAHAHAAHAP TIHIHIHIHIHIHCKLING MEHEHEHEHEEEEE!" Keiichi's laughter seemed to echo off the walls, and he squirmed as the feather tickled his sensative lower back area. "MihihiHIHIHIHION! I'M GONNAHAHAHAHAHA KILL YOUHOHOHOHOU FOR THIHIHIHIS!"

Shion's soft fingers glided over his bare soles, scratching over his arches and the pads of his toes. She was relentless with the torture, picking up two feathers in the process. The feathers went up and down both of his feet, making sure to tease his wiggling toes as well.

"HEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHAHAH! NOHAHAHAT THE TOHOHOHOHOES!" He cried out, laughing as hard as he could as the feather tormented his feet and toes.

"Aw, is Kei-chan just a widdle tickwish?" Shion teased in a babyish voice. "Coochy coochy coo...."

"YEHAHAHHAHAHEAH!" The feathers were now being sawed in between his toes as her tongue licked his arch. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHAHAHA!"

Rika and Satoko continued to tickle his bare naval and his thighs, making the boy writhe in his seat. Keiichi's legs were twitching from the touches, just wishing to escape their fingers. Rena's fingers were going up and down his sides, even dipping into his mostly concealed armpits.

"HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHE! NOHOHOHOHOHO MOHOHOHOHORE! PLEHEHEHEASE!" He begged, feeling the feather at his lower back making circles.

A few minutes later, the girls stopped their tickling, leaving only a half-conscious Keiichi in his chair. They stared at him for a few seconds, amused.

"Well, I think Kei-chan's had enough," Mion said proudly.

"I think so too," Rika added. "Mii."

Satoko nodded, chuckling. "Any more, and he'll be passed out."

Shion rose from her position on the floor, watching as the boy caught his breath. "No kidding."

Although the punishment had come to an end, Keiichi was still laughing softly, wiggling his toes. Little hearts appeared in Rena's eyes and she clasped her hands in excitement.

"Hau....hau....hau! Keiichi-kun is soooo cute! I wanna take him home with me and tickle him some more!" She exclaimed.

"Eh, sure why not?" Mion said with a shrug. "But as long as the rest of us get a turn when you're done."

Keiichi, finally regaining his senses, looked up at them tiredly. "Can....can you uncuff me and let me go?"

Mion nodded and seconds later, the brunette was free. He rose from the chair, immediately backing away from the dreaded stocks.

"Get those away from me!" He shouted, almost falling over a desk behind him.

"Jeez, calm down," Mion said dryly as she took the stocks. "The punishment is over."

Shion smirked at Keiichi. "You did pretty well."

"Even if you were screaming like a girl," Satoko added. "The look on your face was just priceless."

"Kawaii!" Rena added, now surrounded by a background of hearts. "Keiichi-kun's soooo cute!"

Rika smiled and tilted her head slightly. "This was fun, I must say. Niipah."

"No, it wasn't!" Keiichi exclaimed, tugging his shirt down and his pants up. "That was the worst thing ever!"

"Come on, you can't hide the truth from us," Mion teased. "You know you liked it."

"Eh, shut up!" He sneered, hopping on one leg to get one of his socks on. "That was the worst punishment ev-Aaaahhh!"

He lost his balance, flailing his arms around comically as he crashed to the floor. The girls laughed, causing his face to turn bright red. Keiichi sat on the floor and quickly finished putting his socks and shoes on before rising to a stand.

"Well, I'm going home," he announced. "The punishment is over so you can't make me stay."

"That is true," Mion told him. "But remember one thing."

Keiichi raised an eyebrow. "Yeah? And what is that."

"I think Rena-chan wants to take you home," Rika said. "It is so."

As if on cue, Rena ran over to him, twirling around with little stars in her eyes. "KEIICHI-KUUUUN! I WANNA TAKE YOU HOME WITH MEEEE!"

"Aaaaah!" He ran out the door, in hot pursuit of the red-haired girl. "No, Rena! I've gotta get home!"

"No one's going to stop me from taking you home!" She called out to him, the stars in her eyes growing larger."

Mion, Shion, Rika, and Satoko laughed amongst themselves as the their friends ran off.

"You think she'll catch him?" Satoko asked.

"Well, Kei-chan seems pretty fast," Shion speculated. "But when Rena wants to take something...or someone home, it's damn near impossible to stop her...."

Rika nodded and smiled. "Niipah."

Mion looked at the deck of cards and smirked. "You know, I think we should play cards after school more often. They're easy to cheat with and make Keiichi the only one to lose."

"The beauty of rigged games," Shion said with a chuckle. "You can pick your winners and losers."

"I say we make him lose again tomorrow," Satoko added. "We'll just make him put a stupid costume on first."
I decided to do a tickle story using the characters from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, seeing how I've never read one with Keiichi being the one tormented. Please note that while it is written in english, they are speaking japanese, so I used the translations of their commonly used phrases, not wanting it to look ridiculous with both languages.

Rika uses the nonsensical words 'mii' and 'niipah', and they do not have true meanings, for they are merely just 'cute words'. Also, 'nano desu', a phrase she commonly uses translates to 'it is so'. I also used Rena's expression 'hau, hau, hau', as she uses it when excited. I tried my best to stay in character and speak how they normally would, including the correct suffixes at the ends of their names. I hope I did a good enough job and I hope that it is mostly enjoyable.
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28-year-old-male Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
This story is amazing.  I am a 28 year old man. I have masturbated in my room from age 11 to age 18 about this exact story happening to me. It has never happened. I have never been tickled before. I am sad. This story is my exact imagination for 8 years. I am glad I read it.
HitohiraLover Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
omg i just love this story!! ;DD
Feligriffin Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Student General Artist
Poor Keiichi X'D
CrystalWolfblade Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
Keiichi almost peed himself, man you could've put that in the story were he peed himself.
HiddenFruit Featured By Owner May 22, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Ack! I can't believe this! you beat me to it!
... Or maybe not, depending on how I look at it.
See, I had just been thinking of doing a little something for Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, so when I stumbled across it here, it was both funny and surprising. The second I saw that first penalty game in the series, I thought of something like this. Kind of.

Now, writing for this would definitely be challenging, and I give props to you for doing it, really. Especially including the phrases and quirky actions. The one thing is that there are times they didn't quite feel as in character. I mean, in how they went about actually torturing him. But that's something practiced and interpreted.
CrazedNHyper Featured By Owner May 22, 2010   Writer
I tried to stay in character as much as I could, but since I had six people to work with, it wasn't done as well as it could've been. But thanks for the review and maybe someday I'll get off my lazy butt and revise it.
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