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Syaoran's Tickle Torture

" should we begin?" Sakura Kinamoto asked.

She had been assigned a project for school and had been paired off with someone who wasn't exactly on the best terms with her. Syaoran Li was her partner and he, despite only knowing Sakura for a little over a week, had decided that he didn't like her. Syaoran glanced at her carelessly and shrugged.

"I don't care. Just pick something," he replied in a grumpy manner.

Sakura flinched slightly at his harsh tone. "Uh....okay.... I'll start the drawings on the poster."

"Whatever," he muttered, staring at the small deck of Clow Cards on the living room table.

Although Sakura only had a few so far, they gave enough reason for Syaoran to hate her even more. Those should be his. Not hers. He was the descendant of Clow Reed and the rightful heir. However, instead of pondering on those angry thoughts, he simply took a careless glance at Sakura's drawing.

"That doesn't look very good," he told her.

Sakura flinched again, only this time out of irritation. "What? But I just started!"

Syaoran shrugged. "Either way, it doesn't look like you're doing a good job."

Before the annoyed girl could respond, Kero flew into the room. He resembled a small, orange-yellow stuffed bear with two tiny white wings. Kero landed on the table in front of the partners and looked down at the drawing.

"Hey, not bad," he commented. "But it would be better if I was in the picture."

Syaoran snorted in contempt. "This project isn't about you, so why would you be in it?"

Kero shrugged, then struck a pose to look like a model. "I dunno, but maybe you'll be inspired by my handsome looks!"

While Sakura chuckled, Syaoran rolled his eyes. "I don't think get lost, you stuffed animal."

"Who're you calling a 'stuffed animal', you brat?" Kero demanded, an irritation mark twitching on his forehead.

"Hey, calm down, guys!" Sakura said, quickly rising into a stand. "Can't you two get along? I'll go get a snack for us, so please....just try not to do anything crazy...."

Kero huffed. "Tell that to him."

"Stuffed animal!" Syaoran hissed.


"Stuffed animal!"


Sakura sighed and shrugged. "I'll be back with some pudding in a minute. Please calm down...."

"YEAH! PUDDING!" Kero shouted triumphantly, flying around in excited little circles. "Make sure you get me a HUGE bowl of it!"

"Don't worry, Kero-chan, I will." Sakura left the living room to get to the kitchen, leaving the other two alone.

Kero was now happily marching around on the table, walking right over the poster board for Syaoran and Sakura's project. "Pud-ding! Pud-ding!"

Syaoran threw him an aggravated look. "You're so annoying...."

"Hey! You're one to talk!" Kero snapped. "At least I don't act like a jerk every single second of my life, you brat!"

"I'm not a jerk!" The boy shot back. "And I don't care if you don't like me! You know that I don't like you, so at least we're on the same page."

The orange guardian smirked and crossed his arms. "Yeah, but you're the one who started it. Admit it; you're jealous that Sakura is the heir to the Clow Cards and not you! Nyah!"

With that, he stuck his tongue out at the brunette, causing Syaoran to glare at him. The boy huffed and rolled his eyes.

"So? We all know that I'm the one who should have the cards. Not Sakura. She doesn't know what she's doing," he complained.

"Which is why I'm here!" Kero pointed out as he got right in Syaoran's face. "Hel-lo? Why else would they send an awesome guardian such as myself?"

Syaoran scrunched his nose in disgust. "Gee, I don't know. And stop being so full of yourself, you stuffed animal."

"Eh? You wanna call me a stuffed animal? Fine!" Kero suddenly glowed, causing the boy's brown eyes to widen.

However, before Syaoran could get off the couch, Kero had already transformed into his true, beastly form, Kerberos. Instead of looking like a cute plush toy, he was now nearly the size of a lion. His fur was a dark orange shade, though his snout and belly were now white. His head and chest were both covered with silver metal, with a red jewel in the middle of each. His feathery wings were larger, and his tail was longer as well.

"I'll show you how much I really hate being called a 'stuffed animal'," Kerberos said with a smirk, his voice now much deeper.

With that, he moved forward and pinned Syaoran down on the couch, using his paws to press down against the boy's back. Syaoran grunted and writhed beneath the large guardian, trying to kick his legs.

"Get offa me!" He yelled, trying his best to get the beast off.

Kerberos was too heavy, though, and simply laughed at him. "Not so fun picking on me now, is it?"

"Come on! Get off!" Syaoran shouted, kicking his legs harder.

His slippers flew off in his desperate attempt to get up, leaving his feet completely bare. The brunette seemed not to notice, and he continued to squirm beneath Kerberos, angry that he was helpless in that face-down state.

Kerberos laughed at Syaoran's pathetic attempt to get up, his long tail swaying around gently. Without even realizing it, his tail began to brush over Syaoran's exposed soles, causing the boy to chuckle.

"Hehehehe....c-cut it out!" Syaoran said with a laugh.

Kerberos frowned in confusion, then looked behind him to see that his tail was rubbing up against Syaoran's feet. "Oh, is someone a bit ticklish?"

"Hahahaha get offahah!" Syaoran exclaimed, kicking harder.

"Nah, I don't think so," Kerberos said carelessly, letting his tail sway a bit more quickly. "Seeing how you think I'm nothing but an annoying stuffed animal, I think I'll let you suffer for a few minutes."

Syaoran's toes curled as the soft tail ran over them. "Hahahaha quihihihit it!"

"Okay, the pudding is-" Sakura stopped speaking as soon as she caught sight of the situation. "Uh......"

Syaoran was lying face-down on the couch, Kerberos pinning him down with his heavy paws. The boy was kicking frantically and laughing as the guardian's tail continued to sway over his bare feet.

Sakura finally found her voice and rushed over, setting three dessert dishes onto the table. "Hey, what's going on? Kero-chan! What are you doing?"

"Giving this punk a little lesson," the beast replied. "If he insists on being such a jerk, then he can deal with a bit of payback."

"Ahahahahahahaha! Stahahahahap ihihihihit!" Syaoran cried out, completely helpless. "Mahahahake hihihim stahahap!"

Sakura blushed a bit, but looked at Kerberos. "Please let him up."

Kerberos sighed in annoyance, but obeyed her and got off the boy. "Fine.....but I still think that he deserves it....."

Syaoran quickly sat back up, his face red with embarrassment. "It's about time! I swear, not only do I get stuck working with a girl who is clueless about Clow Cards, but I'm forced to deal with her annoying plush toy....pathetic."

This time, Sakura and Kerberos exchanged glances, both of them insulted.

"Although I'm usually against retaliation....I'll make an exception," Sakura told her guardian.

Kerberos smirked. "Now you're speaking my language."

Syaoran's eyes widened and he nearly fell off the couch. "Wha-what do you mean? Retaliation against what?"

"Well, Kero-chan is right," Sakura pointed out. "You ARE extremely rude to us, and we're both sick of it."

"S-s-so what are you going to do?" Syaoran demanded.

Instead of replying, Kerberos used his paws to pin the boy down, though this time, Syaoran was face-up. The beastly guardian then wrapped his tail around Syaoran's ankles, rendering the brunette unable to kick.

"H-hey! What are you doing?" Syaoran exclaimed, knowing that he would not be able to free himself.

"Just a bit of payback," Kerberos replied, before turning to Sakura. "Would you like to do the honors?"

Sakura smiled and took a seat by Syaoran's feet. "I would be happy to."

Syaoran swallowed. "What are you going to do?"

"Seeing how Kero-chan found your weakness, I think we'll go with that."

"What do you mean weak-" Syaoran was cut off as Sakura's soft fingers began to wiggle against his bare feet. "Hehehehey! Cuhahahahut it out!"

Syaoran attempted to kick, only to find his efforts futile. He continued to laugh at the girl tickled his helpless feet, making sure to get every single inch of them.

"HahahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! STAHAHAHahahahahehehehahahAHAHAP!" Syaoran cried out. "I'm tihiHIHIHICKLISH! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

His toes wiggled and curled as Sakura's fingers danced over his sensative soles. Sakura seemed to be enjoying herself, as was Kerberos.

"Maybe next time you'll reconsider when you decide to insult someone," Kerberos said with a laugh, tightening his tail a bit more around the boy's ankles.

Sakura did not let up on her partner's torture, now beginning to tease Syaoran's toes.

"NohohoHOHOHAHAHAHAHAAA!" A few tears began to course down his face. "Not the tohoHOHOHOHOES!"

While Sakura continued to tickle him mercilessly, Kerberos decided to have a bit of fun for himself. In Syaoran's struggled attempt to escape, his shirt had ridden up and exposed his sides and stomach. Since Kerberos was standing on the floor, he was easily able to shift his hold on the boy. Instead of using both paws to pin Syaoran down, he only needed one to do the job. He used his other one to rub up against Syaoran's sensative sides, causing the boy to laugh harder.

"HEHEHEHEHEEEYYY! KNOCK IHIHIHIHIT OFF! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaHAHAHAHAH!" Syaoran writhed agains the soft, furry paw, the assault on his feet only adding to his torment. "StahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!"

Sakura paused for a moment, glancing at Kerberos. "Kero-chan, could I possibly have a feather from your wings if there are any loose ones?"

Kerberos nodded, flapping his wings for a moment to let one fall free. Sakura smiled and grabbed hold of the feather, then showed it Syaoran.

"Hey, look what I have," she said teasingly.

Syaoran's eyes nearly bulged out of his head. "NohohohoHOHOHAHAHAH! NOHAHAHAT THE FEATHER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Kerberos was still tickling the boy's sides, allowing his paws to lightly graze over Syaoran's sensative sides as well.

Sakura smiled and tilted her head, giving Syaoran a cute smile. "What, you don't like it?"

Syaoran's face turned a bit red while he tried to hold back his laughter. "No! I hahahahahate it!"

"Well, I don't like being insulted," Sakura replied nonchalantly, then began to run the feather up and down his left foot.

Syaoran's laughter grew much louder as soon as the feather made contact with his skin. Sakura dragged it up and down his sole lightly, making sure to get at the bases of his toes as well. His toes were wiggling wildly and they curled in defense whenever the feather drew too close to them. However, Sakura gently pulled at his toes to uncurl them, letting the feather tease the area Syaoran had tried to protect.


"Nope," Sakura replied cheerfully.

She kept dragging the feather up and down, occasionally making little circles with them. She tried several other tactis, including going teasingly slow, and furiously scribbling against Syaoran's foot.


After a few more minutes of tickling his helpless foot with the feather, Sakura began to saw it in between his toes. Kerberos smirked at her tactic, stopping his own torture on the boy.

"I figured that I'd give him a short breather for a few minutes," he told Sakura. "But it won't last for long..."


"That's the point," Sakura replied, the sawing motion becoming faster. "I'll only do this for a few more minutes."

Syaoran was gasping for air in between laughs. "PleheheHEHEHEHEASE! I....hahahahahaha....cahahan't take ihihiHIHIHIHIT! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Sakura tickled his toes even faster, then surprised the boy by bringing her face down to his feet. While she assaulted his left foot with the feather, her tongue began to lap at his right one. Syaoran's eyes bulged out at this and his laughs grew hysterical as her tongue went up and down his entire foot.


However, Sakura tickled his toes with her fingers to get him to uncurl them, then immediately tickled on each individual toe with the tip of her tongue. Syaoran's laughter was deafening in her ears, and she was relieved that her father and brother wouldn't be home for at least another hour or so.

For the next five minutes, Sakura tickled the brunette's defenseless feet, ignoring his pleas. Finally, she gave his toes a final tickle with her tongue, then ceased her torture. Syaoran gasped for air, his chest rising and falling as he panted. To his surprise, Kerberos released his hold on him, allowing him to rise up into a sitting position.

"Oh, god....don' that....ever....again...." Syaoran panted, his face red from laughter. "I won't....insult you....anymore...."

"Are you sure?" Sakura asked, raising an eyebrow. "What do you think, Kero-chan?"

Kerberos stared at Syaoran for several seconds. "I don't know....."

Sakura rose from her seat at Syaoran's feet, instead making her way to the boy's other side. From that position, she was facing his back. Syaoran blushed as she drew closer, his brown eyes gazing into her emerald ones as he glanced back at her.

"Do you promise?" She asked him in a soft voice, leaning her head up against his back.

Syaoran felt a bead of blood leak from his nostil and he quickly wiped it away. "Uh, yeah! I promise!"

"I'm not convinced," Kerberos said bluntly, immediately wrapping his tail around Syaoran's ankles once again.

"Hey, wait! What are you doing?" Syaoran cried out, only to feel a pair of arms encirlce his waist.

Sakura leaned closer to him, now sitting directly behind him. "We just want to make sure you get the picture."

With that, she began to run her fingers feverishly over his exposed sides, causing the brunette to writhe. At the same time, Kerberos crouched down a bit so that his wings were level with Syaoran's feet. Once they were at the desired placement, he began to flap his wings gently up against the boy's bare feet.

"NOHOHOHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHAHAHahahahAHAHAT THAT! HAHAHAHAHEHEHEEHEHAHAHAHAH!" Syaoran struggled to free himself from the torture.

Normally, he easily would've been able to break free from Sakura's hold on him. However, since he was being tickled, he was unable to muster up the strength to do so. He laughed as the girl's fingers dug into his sides, going down to where his hips were. Meanwhile, the feathers from Kerberos' wings tickled his soles mercilessly.

"AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHA! PLEHAHAHAHAHAHAHEASE! STAHAHAHahahahahahahAHAHAHAP!" Syaoran shouted, trying to stop Sakura's hands with his own.

Sakura avoided his attempts to stop her, moving her fingers around much too fast for him to cease her torture. Her fingers danced over his stomach, sides, and his hips, all the while she was resting her head up against the back of his shoulder. As much as Syaoran disliked the torment, he couldn't help but blush from the closeness between himself and Sakura. The feathers that were tickling his feet moved quicker as Kerberos flapped his wings at at a more rapid pace.


"Soon," Sakura said into his ear, letting her fingers tickle his hips lightly. "Just not right now."

After about another five minutes, Kerberos ceased his feather tickling on the flailing boy. This gave just enough time for Syaoran to mutter one last laugh-free plea.

"I'm sorry!" He said, trying to catch his breath. "Please! No more!"

"We're almost done," Kerberos stated, now facing the boy's feet. "But first...."

The lion-like guardian began to lick at the Syaoran's twitching feet, causing the brunette to explode into hysterics.

"NOOOOHOHOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! NOT THAHAHAHAHA TONGUE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Syaoran tried to kick Kerberos, but since his ankles were still bound by Kerberos' tail, his attempts were futile.

Sakura used one of her hands to go under Syaoran's armpit, where she began to tickle it. Syaoran flinched and tried to move away from the girl, but Sakura used her other hand to attack his inner thigh. Besides his feet, his thighs were his most ticklish spots, and Sakura quickly learned that fact within seconds.


Kerberos' tongue dipped in between his toes, causing Syaoran to turn red out of embarrassment. His toes wiggled wildly, and he was almost expecting Kerberos to accidentally bite them off. Luckily, the guardian was careful with his teeth, letting only his wet tongue make contact with the sensative feet and toes.

"SAHAHAHAHAKURAHAHAHAHAHA!" Syaoran yelled, calling her by her actual name for once. "PLEHEHEHEHEASE! I'M BEGGING YOUHOHOHOHOU!"

Sakura smiled and looked at Kerberos. "I say we stop in five minutes. What do you think?"

"Sounds fair enough," he replied, stopping his licks only long enough to reply.


Sakura shook her head, her fingers still tickling his thigh. "No, not yet."

Kerberos kept licking the boy's helpless feet, his tongue large enough to torment both of them at the same time. Syaoran's feet twitched and his toes were wiggling and curling like crazy. No matter what he did to help lessen the torture, Kerberos always found a way around it.


However, Sakura and Kerberos continued their torture for another five minutes, as they had originally agreed upon. Once they were through, Sakura gave Syaoran a final tickle on his sides, then ceased her torment. Kerberos stopped his as well, releasing Syaoran's ankles from his tail.

"F-finally...." Syaoran panted, trying to catch his breath.

Kerberos smirked and reverted back to his 'borrowed form', resembling an orange plush toy. "So, you're gonna stop with the 'stuffed animal' quips? AND making Sakura feel bad about the Clow Card situation?"

Syaoran sighed in annoyance, but nodded in agreement nonetheless. "I promise....just....never tickle me again....ever....."

Kero rolled his eyes and wiped his mouth on a napkin. "I wouldn't worry about that. Just watch what you say from now-Hey pudding!"

The stuffed animal-looking guardian rushed over to the dessert dishes, picking up a spoon as he stopped in front of one of the dishes. He scooped up a huge spoonful, then managed to cram the entire amount into his mouth.

"Mmmmmm! Pudding!" He exclaimed, his mouth full of his favorite dessert.

Sakura smiled and handed one of the dishes to Syaoran, taking the other for herself. "Enjoy."

Syaoran was about to make a smart-ass remark, only to catch Kero's warning glare. "Uh...yeah!"

He ate the pudding as if he hadn't eaten in a week, not wanting to piss neither Sakura nor Kero off. He had to admit though; it WAS really good. Kero was already practically done with his own pudding, and he was now licking the dish itself.

"Pudding! Sweet, sweet pudding!" Kero licked up the last of it, then looked at Sakura. "Do we have anymore?"

"In the fridge," Sakura replied, taking a bite. "Bottom shelf."

Kero darted into the kitchen like a bullet. "Pudding! Here I come!"

Once he was gone, Sakura looked at her partner. "So....was it really that bad?"

Syaoran blushed, almost choking on his snack. "Ummmm......"

"I'll take that as a 'no'," Sakura said teasingly as she put her dish onto the table.

Syaoran did the same, too embarrassed to look at the girl. "It wasn't horrible but......"

"But what?" Sakura asked.

"Just don't do it again!" He suddenly snapped, accidentally falling off the couch and landing on his stomach on the floor. "Dammit...."

Sakura glanced at the boy's feet, realizing that he still hadn't put his slippers back on. She reached down and grabbed his ankle, giving his foot a soft tickle.

"Hehehehey!" Syaoran yanked his foot away, then grabbed Sakura's wrist and pulled her onto the floor.

Sakura cried out in surprise, landing on the carpet right next to Syaoran. For a minute, the two of them just laid next to each other on the floor, side by side. Syaoran then propped himself on one elbow, looking down at Sakura.

"Maybe I should tickle you," he threatened, his face only inches away from hers. "I don't think that I deserved to be tortured like that...."

"Well, you could I suppose," Sakura said nonchalantly. "But you're forgetting one thing."

Syaoran blinked in confusion, his face slightly red. "What?"

"She has me for back-up," a deep voice said from behind him.

Syaoran slowly turned his head, coming face-to-face with Kerberos with a sadistic smirk on his face.

"Do I sense a Round Two?" Kerberos asked, his tail swaying.

"Looks like it," Sakura told her guardian. "Shall we begin?"

Syaoran's brown eyes widened in horror. "Noooooooo!"
Got this idea to tickle Syaoran from the anime Cardcaptor Sakura from a friend (thanks for the idea, dude!) Anyway, I decided to make the time frame near where Syaoran and Sakura recently met, where he was still a jerk to her. I mean hey, his bad attitude is what puts him into the situation, so that worked out pretty well. I'm a huge fan of S&S (Syaoran and Sakura) so there are a few hints here and there that they like each other ;) Anyway, hope you like it.
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Mesaku18 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hahahha... It's so funny yet Shaoran... No, he deserves it.
It was fun, reading it. ^_^
Venombahamut Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012
Great story! Cruel, yet playful. And it's always nice to see something involving this excelent anime.
This story seems like it was inspired by: [link]
izzylover101 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2011
oh my goodness! words can't express how much i loved this! it was amazing! SUPER cute! :D
p.s.-i have a possible CCS tickle fic idea if your up to it. your really good :)
MoogleMage Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was a fun read. Well done ^^
PiccoloFreakNamick Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
I like cardcaptors too...nice job
hellos123 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
great story. I like it.
KiddyGal Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011
Good story. Very cute! ^^
HiddenFruit Featured By Owner May 21, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
lolz, he so deserved that. You could totally see that coming... Except that second round. That's just cruel. XD
My one thing with it though: After all that licking on his feet, wouldn't Syaoran want to... I dunno, dry them, or something? They'd be all cold and sticky, and stuff. Plus, all that laughing would SERIOUSLY tire a person out. I don't think they could keep it up that long.
CrazedNHyper Featured By Owner May 22, 2010   Writer
Yeah sometimes I don't completely think things through and just get so tired for writing that I ignore the obvious things that would happen ^_^;
mangalovers101 Featured By Owner May 21, 2010
That was soo cute and funny!! lol!!! -^o^-
CrazedNHyper Featured By Owner May 22, 2010   Writer
Thank you ^_^
mangalovers101 Featured By Owner May 23, 2010
ur welcome! -^o^-
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